No one simply stumbles onto Jesus. There are always signposts to Jesus. There is always someone (or something) pointing the way to Jesus. We see this in the birth narrative of Jesus.

For the Maggi, it’s the star. Even the cosmos point the way to Jesus. God has written into the creation itself the story of Jesus, the story of Immanuel, the story of God with with.

For the shepherds, it’s the angel that appears to them while they are watching over their flocks by night. The angels, then, accompany the star as God’s messengers to prepare the way.

For Herod, its the prophecies of the Old Testament. The prophets, those who function as the mouth-piece of God, point the way to Jesus.

Looking beyond the birth narratives, John the Baptist points the way to Jesus.

Over and over, God sends his messengers to announce to the world that he has come. He wants the world to know that He is with us!

This concept harmonizes well with the truth that no one comes to Jesus unless he draws us.

This reality accentuates the fact that salvation is a personal relationship. New Age teaches that you can find the truth within you. You know what I don’t like about this? I’m the problem to begin with. I’m the problem in my own life. To think that the solution to my problems can be found in some deep cavern of my corrupt self is incredibly disappointing.

Salvation is found in another, and that other is a Person—a person that draws people to himself.

Two questions for you: (1) Do you point the way to Jesus? Are you like the bright star in the dark sky reminding the world that God has not abandoned us? (2) Is he drawing you to himself?

Matt Ayars

President of Wesley Biblical Seminary


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